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Monday, May 16, 2011

TY.. Reflection

Hi There..

Well... I have to say, this year was a pretty amazing experience. In third year, I wasn't even thinking of doing TY, and only decided to do it once I went to the meeting about TY during 3rd year. I have to say, i definetly made the right choice!

This year has given me so much. Work experience is something that i will never forget. Trips and activities such as Carlingford, Social Development Day, Retreat, etc. were really good experiences and also going to competitions such as scifest, getting to regionals in the F1 in schools competition and Getting to the Mini Company 'Get Up And Go' were amazing opportunities.

We got to try different subjects, such as technology, art and home ec. that i have never done before. And I have to say, I have started to develop a liking for technology which i didn't think would happen. We also did fun projects such as making things in technology, designing clothes in Home Ec. and doing a cookery project on India! And if it wasn't for TY, i probably wouldn't be blogging :P

Im so glad i did TY, as if i had gone straight to 5th year, i dont think i would have liked it as my subject options have changed. In third Year, i wanted to do Biology, Chemistry and Music. This Year I have Chosen Physics, Business and Music! What a difference!

I have also gotten on well with so many people in my year that i didnt know before!

I loved this year, getting the chance to do new things and meeting new people... I would definetly reccomend it!

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